IT Auditing

IT Infrastructure Audit

An IT audit is to evaluate the system’s internal control design and effectiveness against relevant standards and best practices. This includes but is not limited to, design, implementation, performance, efficiency, security protocols and IT governance or oversight. Installing controls are necessary but not sufficient to provide adequate security. Periodic review of the infrastructure and the processes is mandatory to ensure compliance to these controls.  Our team of certified professional and experienced Networking and Security specialists are the strong, competent, and trusted consultants to assist you in the following:

  •  Evaluation of effectiveness of a company’s control over its IT infrastructure
  •  Evaluation of the efficiency of information system operations
  • Verification of the information technology of an organization, to check if it is appropriately chosen, configured, implemented and optimized
  •  Review and documentation of network topology
  • Analysis of network performance
  •  Comprehensive reporting of all results and recommendations

IT Assurance Services

Assurance is the process of getting the right information to the right people at the right time with Information Risk Management, Trust Management, Resilience, appropriate Architecture, system safety, and security.

Our professionals provide independent, pragmatic advice and advanced technology capabilities to help you proactively and reactively manage your technology risks and use the data to its full potential.

 We can help provide high levels of assurance and insights in respect of your technology, including:


  • IT infrastructure internal and external audit services.
  •  IT infrastructure assessment and benchmarking services.
  •  IT infrastructure certification services.
  •  IT infrastructure security and business resilience services.
  •  IT Data privacy and protection services.


Benefits of our Audit, Assessment and Assessment Services


  •  Proactively review and reduce your risks around the use of IT
  •  Demonstrate compliance with standards.
  •  Significantly reduce the risk of costly and damaging IT security / data privacy and protection breaches.

Significantly reduce the risk of interruptions to your business operations through the implementation of appropriate IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

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