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About Us

Bompix Mori is an IT Solution and Service based company. We help organizations to get their infrastructure designed, deployed and managed by analyzing their requirements and getting the best solution using different strategies across multiple platforms including public, private and hybrid model. We are proficient and well-versed in Networking, Security, Unified Communication, Cloud Technologies and Application Development. We are forged many strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations such as Cisco Systems, VMware, Dell, Versa Networks, Park Place Technologies, Manage Engine, Epsilon Tel & etc. to help us ensure our clients succeed in a digital world.
About us

We aim to bridge the technology gap in a cost effective way

We three technical geeks came together with high-end technology to fulfill your requirements. We are proficient and well-versed in cloud technology, network securities and unified communication, which will give you end to end privacy and security. Our experience of over a decade in the field of IT and having been associated with renowned companies, given us the opportunity to understand the requirements of our clients in an exceptional way and we assure you of a never before experience of being served in an unique way.

What make us Better?

Diverse Expert Team: A diversity of skill sets across various technology enables a well-rounded, wholesome approach to issues.

The innate expertise and knowledge ensure every challenge is resolved with original, innovative solutions. Futuristic Solution: We believe in keeping ourselves up-to-date and on top of the latest trends in the industry. Embracing new technologies, and agility in rapidly adapting to market changes is a core value shared at Bompix Mori Domain Strength: Our Company is combined with leading-edge capabilities in Data & Analytic, Automation, Cloud, and Digital. Cost: Expertise of our architects on top notch industries help us to provide highly available and scalable solutions with business affordable prices.

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